Golf is played by a wide range of people, from all walks of life and all sectors of employment. The connections you make on the golf course lead to life long friends, meeting people with a wealth of knowledge you can tap into and potentially job opportunities.

We want to provide our juniors with more than just golf. We want golf to be the catalyst for them to go on and be successful in what they choose to do in the future. Through our mentoring system, we can put our juniors in contact with experienced and knowledgeable people who can offer them advice and support to help shape their futures.

People are like golf swings, there are no two the same and as such, we all need support specific to our individual needs. We are very fortunate to have hundreds of individuals willing to give their time to provide youngsters with mentoring support. The community of mentors we have, makes The Kings Links Junior Fund special and unique. The support our mentors provide to the youngsters in the north east changes lives.